I have been asked to be part of a group show at the Sydney Museum. I had access to an amazing archive of police photos from 1950’s Sydney, Australia, which I used as the basis for creating these 4 images and video.

Postwar Sydney wasn’t only about shiny cars, motor mowers and happy families. Suburban Noir explores the raw, half-built Sydney of the 1950s and early 60s through recently uncovered crime-scene images from
the NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive, as well as contemporary artworks. The exhibition breaks with the tradition of presenting Sydney as a visual splendour, finding instead a more reserved city. The police
photographs capture the spaces left behind: a moody catalogue of vacant lots, empty roads, desolate interiors and everyday fragments of life in these hard-bitten slices of Sydney. Look at these images long enough
and everything starts to look like a crime scene.

Noir from City of Work on Vimeo.